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Integrated Child Focused Community Development Project

Wormy Compost bed
Womens day celebration
Women SHG
Vegetable cultivation SHG member
Training on Child Rights & related issues
Tour prog SHG
Tube well platefarm repair
Staff with Children Parliament
Staff Orientation at Pune
Sports programme
Skill Dev. Training School dropouts
SHG members with pump set Agricultural Dev. Prog.
SHG members having Goats
SHG members having exchange of ideas
SHG Member with Goats
Present MLA & Child Protection officer in training with Children
Pree & post Natal camp
Play time ECCEC (2)
Physical assessment of children with disability
Parents Gathering
Meeting for Village Dev. Plans
Maldhara community planting trees
Leardership training ERIKS
Instructors training
Inclusion of differently abled Children
ICDS Center
Health check up
Health Awareness programme
Goats to landless farmers
farmers training
Farmers exposure
Farm bunding
Donner Representative Visit
CP Meeting
Children with play materials
Children in S G
Children presenting events in cultural programme
Children discussing on Climate Change

Santhal Community Development Project

Youth learning repair of pump sets Vocational training
Vocational training of youth
Youth awareness programme
Tuition center
Training Para Vets
Special gifts to children
School going children provided with education materials
SHG members exposure
Renovated pond
Promotion of vegetable cultivation
Pre & Post Natal care camp
Health checkup school children
Health awareness camp
Farmers training on sustainable Agriculture
Farmers orientation exposure
Farmers exposure
farmer with Fruit bearing trees
ECCEC Ganeshpur
Environment day celebration
Domestic use of renovated pond
CP training
Consultant visit to renovated pond
Children with small gift after joy party
Community Health Check up
Children showing their prize
Children participating in Cultural Programme
Children given Soaked gram
Adalocent girls training

Empowerment of Community Structure

Training on organic farming
Pre education center in function
Pre & post natal camp
Monitoring & evaluation meeting
Meeting with panchayat leaders
Meeting with environment group
Fruit bgearing trees to school going children
Health check up of children
Environment group rallie
Distribution solar lamps to study group
Discussion with literacy group members
Discussion with farmer group
capacity building training women group

Community Rehabilitation Programme for Children

Teaching therepy to parents
Programme staff
School Going
Monthly clinic health assessment
Follow up of children at home
Mobility Section
Gait training after fitment
Expert in resource organization
Dhani one of the oldest child now employed
Arsu geeting visitors
Child with club foot
carrier guidence to children

Climate Change Mitigation Project

Renovation of farm pond
Women with energy saving stove
Renovated drinking water well
Potato demo using wormy compost
Nadep composting
Meeting with School teacher & Panchayat leaders on Climate change
Farmers training on preparation of Bio- pesticide
Farmer with wormy compost
Exposure visit on climate change
Farmer taking care of trees
Farmer looking after plantation
Farmer preparing bio-pesticide
Check dam
Awareness of cummunity on climate change
Drama troupe creating awareness on climate change
Adolecent gils cleaning arround tube well
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