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Organizational Charecter

"Theodori  Rural  Development   Project" (hereinafter,  for the sake of brevity,  referred to as society and / or   the  T. R. D. P.), and it  is hereby declared that this association is non-political,  non-communal,  non-sectarian  and  non-profit  making.



To plan,  initiate,  organize  undertake  carry  out  and  render  voluntary services  and  programmes  designed  to  improve  the  welfare  of  the  rural  people  within  the  geographical  area  of  Pakur an Sahebgunj Districts  in  Jharkhand.


To  stimulate,  promote  and  encourage  mutual  co-operation  and  pooling  of  resources  among  the  rural  population,  always  in co-operation  with  other  agencies  in  the  field  social  service  and  other  various  programmes  and  undertakings  of  the  Government  agencies  at  in  Bihar.


To  create  and  develop  intelligent  interest  and  participation  among  the  rural  people  in  the  matter  of  rendering  help  self-help  and  assistance,  particularly  to  the  people  in  distress  and  need.


To emphasize the improvement of agriculture pursuits, adult literacy, health and social welfare.  This  purpose  will  be  carried  out  directly  with  villagers  and  farmers  and  the  leaders  within  the  rural  population.


To initiate, carryout,  implement/  execute  programs  designed to  rehabilitate  of persons  with all  types  of disability  with special attention  to  children  and  adolescents of the  society.

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