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History of Theodori Rural development project can not begin without knowing, a little about Chandrapura Mission, a part of  Methodist Church in India .The Methodist Mission work began during later part of 19th century (approximately around 1880’s), in a small area of Pakur, then a sub-division of Santal Parganas district, in undivided  state of Bihar.

The basic idea to establish a centre was to cater to the needs of rural people ( of whom most of them are tribals) in  remote area. who were cut off by Banloi river flowing in between them and  Government Offices in Maheshpur. In those days the area was difficult to traverse even by foot. Inspite of such conditions the pioneers undertook ardouus task. Those who initiated the involvement were Rev H. E. Dewey. Rev. Robinson, Mr. Pauline. Grandstand.

During the transitional period of India’s Independence, a Swedish Missionary couple Rev. Sten  & Maj Nillson, came to India, who saw the vision to Develop the people by expanding the centre in order to facilitate various developmental efforts. During 1962-1971 another energetic & skillful couple, Dr. Goerge and Joyce Somers, came and laid foundation for rural development on modern concept.

From  middle of 1971 when all the foreign personnel had left, Mr. Emanuel S. Marandi a trained in agriculture and his wife Amelia a well educated and trained teacher, both  from Santal tribe, took over the responsibility, further moulded and gave effective shape,  nurtured and guided the programmes, without distinction to caste, creed and community for about thirty years, Consequently it is now regarded as “Indian oriented village development program.”


What the pioneer Missionaries, then  saw in the rural villages was something for which they were not prepared for . Abject poverty, very poor health conditions and illiteracy, deep rooted social taboos and wide spread apathy.  Communication system did not exist at all. They were then determined to do something which can help these people out of their misery. A comprehensive plan was in making in their mind. To establish a centre through which rural people  will be able to get out of the vicious circle of  poverty, social taboos, apathy and blind faith etc.

They saw the vision of a centre and wrote the following.


For  all  who need  divine  savior.


For  all  who  need medical  care.

Community Hall

For all who desire fellowship and Knowledge of way of living.

Primary school

For all children who want to learn ‘God is Love'."

That was the day when concept of rural development was born, With expressed aim “To Help Them to Help Themselves” The

Constitution was prepared and  registered under the society’s registration Act 1860 in Bihar in 1971 with registration No. 32 of 1971-1972. It was registered under “Foriegn Contribution Regulation Act. 1976”


When Jharkhand state was formed, the TRDP was again registered under the same Act in the state of Jharkhand with Registration No.615 of 2009-2010.


Basis for involvement in the development processes Theodori Rural Development  Project came into being out of the deep faith and conviction that “God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female, created he them. And God bless them and God said unto them, be fruitful and  multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have domain ……………….over the earth.”  Genesis 1:27-28.


God intended that human family be in peace and enjoy prosperity over the goods that have been provided on earth. However that was not to be. The human race plunged into disharmony with each other. Much of God’s intentions were over ruled by self centered intentions. As a result wide spread discrimination and injustices became prominent. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer over the period of time. Weaker groups became victim of exploitation by the rich and the powerful.  Exploitative attitude against one another found its way and flourished.


The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, He hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and bruised “ (Isaiah 61:1, St Luke 4:18).


Those who compose Theodori Rural Development Project are deeply moved, motivated and inspired  by the prophetic message to bring good news to those who continually suffer from abject poverty, illiteracy, superstitions and deep rooted taboos. Thus they revolve around vicious circle of economic deprivation, social  and political exploitation.


To combat the above,one must be a good steward for Livestock must be healthy and productive to provide abundance of milk, meat and power. The country must become the land of abundance. People must learn to share wealth equally without discrimination. The people must enjoy the fruits of liberty peace and  prosperity to sustain life.


Philosophy of Approach:“Help Them to Help Themselves”   is the central ideology.

Improved socio-economic conditions do not depend solely upon material goods, they begin with the people, their education and self discipline. Without these three, all resources remain only latent potentials. Here lies the economic backwardness. However none of these three can be forced, regimented or simply planned. They must evolve programs step by step and all must become property of the people. They must be known, understood and initiated by the people.


Therefore, Theodori Rural Development Project is commissioned to participate in program plans along with the concerned group of people based on their expressed needs, desire and aspirations. Consequently the project must address itself to the issues confronting the community.

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